Simplifying the process of tracking teachers and functional implementation in teacher module for System Admin

EMS is a website that helps students learn their school or college syllabus effectively through online classes and Activities.
It has self platform model (online classes for all students) and a school /college platform model (online classes for that particular school/college that buy the product)

Product duration


My Role

UI/UX design, UX Research, wireframing, Prototyping, Testing



Its the Super Admin module, and super admin can access and monitor all the portals and admins ( student portal and student admin, teacher portal and teacher admin, content admin )

Teachers task is to create Content, Interactive, Quiz, Practice material.

Problem Statment

🔴 Complex stricture to understand about the teacher activities

🔴 Our existing users and our Team (super admins ) has difficulty in finding all teacher activities and the information

🔴 Downloading teacher list data for record maintenance

🔴 Decrease in application in the application renewal to 20% and negative feedback


The solution was to simplify the super admin panel without cognitive load, improve the design, provide the filter options, and make it into a single place to access all the information.

💼 Predicted outcomes for the business

  • simplified stricture to navigate
  • providing better information without cognitive load
  • Increased in application renewal and subscriptions

🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻 Predicted outcomes for the users

  • Increased in productivity
  • Fewer errors and complaints
  • Increased satisfaction



Who are the users

There are two main types of users

  • The inhouse Team: who are product managers, content managers, student managers, teacher managers, and product owner
  • New and Existing registered Schools/colleges: who are principals, Deans, teachers


We conducted one-on-one interviews with about 25 people and conducted surveys on who uses our product and people who are not using our product.

Showing more and unwanted data of a teacher on the teacher listing page Complex stricture and difficulty in finding teacher activities on the overview page

Having difficulty in understating and navigating the Q&A page

Features and Functionalities

  • Showing top products with a rating based on features and best product based on user rating
  • Showing all prices for the product listed on other e-commerce websites and Showing the best prices in one place
  • Allowing the users to compare the products based on the features
  • Changing the SEO from the product name to product name and product id

Competitor analysis

Key findings & Insights

  • Easy way of navigation in the admin panel providing information what exactly want to the user and in that panel
  • Providing filter options on all the pages gives a more flexible way of presenting the information
  • A single place to access all the information with simple navigation

User Personas


Vijay Krishna


  Age 35

 Tamil Nadu


Managing the project and checking the project flow

Pain points

Filters options in the teacher listing page are complex, Complex stricture flow makes teacher activities challenging to analyze



  Age 40

 Tamil Nadu


Monitoring teacher activities on daily bases, Checking the work quality of teachers for rewards

Pain points

Difficulty in the navigation of teacher activities on the overview page, Having difficulty in understating and navigating the Q&A page







Usability Testing

We did usability testing with 8 participants. who are In house team product managers, admins, school principals, teachers going with the business goals, and we selected these feedbacks.


  • Sharing answers to other students who asked the same or relevant answer will help the admin and teacher save time.
  • Having a Teacher log activity will give more view on teacher activities for tracking the work activities at a high level.



Lessons Learned

Conducting user interviews is very important to understand the user, and user requirements are vital for this module.
All the users have different thought processes and different opinions on their requirements. Doing user research and usability testing made more clearway.

Thank you!