Add Multiple Users

Adding multi users with CSV format and Implement a post-upload validation mechanism to increase data integrity

Add multiple users is a feature that allows admin users to add multiple users of his organization and the data is in CSV format.

Adding multi-users with CSV format and Implementing a post-upload validation mechanism that displays CSV data in real-time

Product duration


My Role

UI/UX design, Product Designer, UX Research, wireframing, Prototyping, Testing


Problem Statment

Current product functionality allows the upload of CSV files with inaccuracies, leading to data misplacement and incorrect user details. This oversight undermines the integrity of user information and poses a risk to data accuracy


Objective Goal

  • Implement a post-upload validation mechanism that displays CSV data with real-time error messages.
  • Offering users an option to Download error reports, Re-upload files, Delete, edit, and correct inaccuracies directly on the screen.




  • We conduct one-on-one interviews with about 10 people who are specifically system administrators and administrators using our product and different products to add multiple users of their organization for data backup and security
  • Research into our product's user flow for CSV file uploads uncovered a critical issue, The system permits the submission of files containing inaccurately entered user data, introducing risks of data misplacement and errors. User testing further validated these concerns, highlighting the need for a more robust validation mechanism. The research aims to enhance data accuracy and prevent incorrect entries during the upload process, ensuring the reliability of user information in the subsequent user list interface. This research sets the stage for a solution that addresses data integrity concerns and improves the overall user experience

To solve user needs by

  • Showing the CSV data in the table screen with a success message and an error message
  • Giving options to edit the CSV data in real-time, and providing an option to download the error report as a CSV file also with a re-upload option

Competitor analysis



  • Druva Cloud Platform provides data management as a service for endpoints, infrastructure, and cloud applications, combining data protection.
  • Admin users add multiple users through CSV file, once the CSV file is uploaded it will add all the data to the user table without showing errors

Office 365


  • Office 365 also provides cloud-based services, including OneDrive for file storage and sharing, and SharePoint for collaboration and document management.
  • Admin users add multiple users through the CSV file, once the CSV file is uploaded it will show the error message for the CSV file showing it has some errors, users need to check the CSV file and re-upload again

User Personas


Shanker. R

System Adminstrator

  Age 45



Shanker is a System Administrator in the Software company managing all the employee data, data backups, and data security

Pain points

Managing employee data is difficult to backup(backups are done individually and on local servers)


Lap Staff

  Age 35



Lap Staff in a College, handle computer labs and college laptops given to Staff and students, maintain system software and system data backup

Pain points

Managing system software updates and system data backup updates manually


Information Architecture




Usability Testing

We did usability testing with 8 participants we are System Administrator, Lab staff and we selected this feedback


  • If the CSV fils have some errors its show only indicates the error but it does not indicating what type of error
  • In final step is to show the only success message, it is better to show the data also in the page( when the time of corrections it will be easy to understand)


Lessons Learned

Doing User Research gave much knowledge on the product and found the problem of bad UX for medical records in the market.
Understanding the user's needs and conducting Usability Testing is very important, This solves the user needs at a high level.

Thank you!